Why is it always about them?

Read original article: Boeing solicits bids for 777X production site

Boeing, a multi-billion dollar company, is soliciting bids from at least a dozen locations to build their new 777X airplane, although they are not disclosing the specific locations yet. The Company also declined to discuss the criteria they will use to assess the bids. Why? Perhaps because they know they will look like the greedy, big business they are.

This is one big businesses not thinking about the taxpayers money. Their only concern is which municipality is going to offer them the fattest deal. They actually say that! Doug Alder, Boeing’s spokesman, is quoted saying, “We’ll look at what might best fit our needs.” No doubt they will!

They had initially offered to build the 777X in Washington, but after union machinists rejected their proposal, they pulled out. They have no plans to re-engage with the machinists either. But that’s not stopping Washington state! Why should they care about their workers? They’re too busy approving $9 billion dollars in tax breaks over the coming years for the wealthy aerospace industry.

When are government and big business going to stop making it all about them and start making it about the people?

Apparently not anytime soon.

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