They’re doing it!

Read original article: Rural revival bucks dire forecasts

Rural towns are leading their own way back to a robust economy. Towns like Osakis, Kiester and Rochester are making slow but steady progress towards stable populations, employment growth and agricultural income increases. And guess what? They’re doing it on their own.

In Kiester, donations help the local grocery store and movie theater–not big government handouts. The people here are taking care of their hometown by taking care of each other. There’s no ploy for tax breaks or incentives. It’s the simple gumption, cleverness and doggedness of the people that are to thank for the recoveries.

Sure, wages are not usually comparable to those found in the cities. But neither is the cost of living. Some would argue that neither is the quality of life. People in these rural towns get more for their dollar; they can stretch it much farther. Also, they want to be here, in small-town America, where the roads are traffic free, there is time and space to hunt on weekdays and they get to sip coffee with colleagues, who also happen to be their neighbors–their friends.

The tenacity of these independent, community-oriented people is something to be mirrored. Despite a long recession, these small towns are making a comeback.

And they’re doing it on their own, like the strong and proud Americans they are. I’m hoping that the big wigs in the capitals around the country open their eyes and see how the “little” folks are doing it right. It’s time we all did it right.

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