The Slippery Slope

  • $7 million in public support for 11 jobs.
  • An energy industry segment that is “cute” according to Bill Gates and will never provide the megawatts we need.
  • The smoky intersection between laissez-faire lobbying, former government officials, elected officials, private-sector business, public subsidies and fraud.
  • A lack of fairness in trade – instead of rewarding those that are working the hardest we pay attention to those making the most noise.
  • Taxpayer subsidized rebate programs that over promise and under deliver.

We’ve seen this before. The dirty evolution of the economic development hierarchy in Minnesota, other states and at the federal level. And I’m sorry to say controls are not improving, it appears to be getting worse. Try and keep your food down with this read:

Some call Silicon Energy rebates a win, while others cry foul.

Our business community should be focused on reining in those that are working to undermine a fair economic playing field. Unique incentives, paid lobbyists, and over subsidizing economic activity with little upside all at taxpayers expense must be reversed.

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