The Rise of Mexico

The Rise of Mexico

Talk about opportunities in North America. China is struggling, Europe is in a financial meltdown, where are investors going to put their money the next 5 to 10 years? North America. And I suspect Central America too. Either way, there is solid opportunity in manufacturing and transportation in this country and our border neighbors. It will be good for all if the governments and NAFTA can keep a level playing field. Rural business in the USA will thrive again and china will continue to lag. We’re in a good spot American small business!

From Star Tribune’s article:

The first place where Americans will notice these changes is in their shopping malls. China is by far the biggest source of America’s imports. But wages in Chinese factories have quintupled in the past 10 years and the price of oil has tripled, inducing manufacturers focused on the American market to set up closer to home. Mexico already is the world’s biggest exporter of flat-screen televisions, BlackBerrys and refrigerators, and is climbing up the rankings in cars, aerospace and more. If present trends continue, by 2018 America will import more from Mexico than from any other country. “Made in China” is giving way to “Hecho en México.”

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