The New Left

Meet the New Left: Small-Business Owners,0

Historically, small business owners have been viewed as Republican. But new studies show that small business owners have a distinctly liberal view when it comes to protecting their businesses.

The studies have made it clear: Small business owners are tired of not having a voice in Washington D.C. They have been forced to “move left” in order to receive fair representation on Capitol Hill. That doesn’t mean a massive shift from one political party to the other is in the works. As this article states, it means that small business owners, in order receive the infrastructure and values that will help their businesses succeed, need to protect their own interests from big corporations and big government.

Although unwilling, ultimately this may be a positive direction for small business interests. By creating a new presence for themselves in national politics, small business owners are forcing big government to focus on the needs of small businesses and their owners. Government needs to hear from all businesses, not just large corporations.

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