Big government eventually destroys itself. Ultimately everyone learns to start pulling up to the trough. Case in point, Cirrus aircraft is now asking the Minnesota government for money. Take a look at the article:

I suppose smart private companies like this keep pitting government entities against each other in a shell game of subsidies. Eventually we all lose.

The last sentence is the harbinger: 500 planes at $2 million each is $100 million of existing preorders. The company already has a $4 million subsidy lined up from the city of Duluth. How can they not afford a $6 million note to carry the rest of their physical plant needs to fulfill these orders?

If all private industry used the same approach we would all go broke. Currently my company needs to invest $3 million in a new building in Blooming Prairie, Minnesota. Should I pull up to the trough? Why don’t we all pull up to the trough and continue to push our society into the red?

At some point, the madness of our current governmental economic development system has got to change.