Stratasys A Beacon Of Light In A Dark Time

Read original article: Stratasys execs raise outlook for a second quarter in a row

If the economic development engine of this country focused more on companies like this that are dynamically bootstrapping their way to success, instead of pulling up to the government handout trough, we would be in better shape. The economic development hierarchy needs to focus more on companies with unique ideas that are sustainable.

Stratasys is a company I have supported and been blogging about for a while now. Their ingenuity and corporate responsibility are models for all small business. They don’t manipulate the government for tax breaks and incentives, leveraging municipalities and even states against each other.

The Company is ethical. Stratasys had integrated innovation, synergy and solid planning into their business model to ensure invigorating success. They merge and acquire, like all solid enterprises should. They don’t mooch and skirt principled practices.

Stratasys stands as a monument of dignity in the shantytown of corporate manipulation and wasteful, unnecessary government funding.

Stay strong Stratasys!

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