Shutterfly receives final approval for Shakopee plant

Shutterfly receives final approval for Shakopee plant

The fact that Scott County commissioners voted to approve a nine-year tax abatement for Shutterfly, a company with annual revenue of about $500 million, is maddening.

The abatement is valued at $551,159 to $734,878. This deal, and an agreement to allow the California based company use of Scott County’s fiber-optic infrastructure to defray transfer costs, plus another agreement offering Shutterfly sewer-access charge credits valued at about $174,000, robs from the poor and gives to the rich. Any number of small companies could be helped by utilizing the tax money Shutterfly will now line its fat pockets with.

Even if the government insists on the abatement and the other agreements, why not make access to these incentives fair access the board? Not only would struggling, small businesses and new upstarts benefit from the stability a small break or credit could provide, but the county’s purported justification for granting the Shutterfly breaks, job creation, would be redoubled by local entrepreneurs who could afford to hire more employees.

It is time the government stop making deals with big business and start dealing with the fact that small businesses need a little support to keep America’s economy diversified and healthy.

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