Rochester ponders $6 billion Mayo expansion

Rochester ponders $6 billion Mayo expansion

Rochester Minnesota is in my backyard and is home to one of the most prestigious medical facilities in the world. The Mayo Clinic has successfully treated my family’s medical needs for years. And I have compensated them for their services via my deductibles, co-pays, and my insurance. Now, they want a piece of my taxes.

If you’ve been following my column, you know I have a problem with this.

$585 million of taxpayer funded subsidy of a private enterprise is ugly. No matter how you analyze it, there is getting to be an ever-expanding gray area in our government economic development structure that now encourages any company for almost any reason to pull up to the trough and ask for taxpayer subsidies. It’s becoming an exception if the company doesn’t ask for taxpayer subsidies in exchange for setting up or expanding their business in a municipality.

This is dangerous. Government and business do not belong in bed together.

And now it becomes increasingly unscrupulous when the development authorities that oversee this co-mingling of private and public funds is unelected.

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