Politicians: Think Rural. You’re On the Hook

Here’s a thought: Opportunity abounds when party power changes hands in the legislature. And, in Minnesota that doesn’t happen often. We, like many states, have seen a chasm erupt between rural and urban. The work force, economic and political concentrations have turned to the urban core. But we still have a lion’s share of elected officials representing the rural areas.

So, what did we do in Minnesota? The rural areas ended up in a powerful position during the most recent election. The urban areas remained DFL but the rural electorate was able to put enough GOP candidates in power, flipping DFL districts, giving the GOP control of our House.

This has created payback time. Rightfully so. We need more focus on returning jobs, infrastructure to support manufacturing and opportunity in outstate Minnesota.

Look here: http://www.startribune.com/opinion/284933311.html

Lori Sturdevant is spot on. And this is in alignment with my most recent post regarding development of qualified labor for rural Minnesota.

Will the GOP find a way to repay voters in rural Minnesota? You bet they will. Because we vote.

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