Our mission is to turn the tide of government economic development away from large projects. Instead, we propose that same government engine should retool and focus on small business development.

That’s the formal mission. The informal mission is to stop the news headlines that proclaim “Another $100 million of taxpayer money was lost on an economic development project.” Or the headline that says “$50 million of taxpayer money was spent for 50 jobs.”

We want to start headlines that say: “$50,000 in road improvements allowed local company to expand” or “$25,000 improved Internet speed for rural town and kept local technology company from moving.”

I own a rural small business manufacturing company. We’ve experienced significant growth over the past decade. We’re now at a point where we are struggling to stay rural because the infrastructure isn’t keeping up with us.

We need better roads, better technology bandwidth, land, proper sewer and water, well-educated employees, and support from government economic development programs such as the SBA to provide low-interest loans and grants to keep us rural. And, of course, I need the government to stop taxing me every time I turn around.

Join me in this movement to reform our government’s economic development program from a focus on mega dollar projects and instead make small, reasonable investments in existing local businesses and small town infrastructure to help existing small businesses continue to prosper.

Craig Kruckeberg
CEO and Chief Visionary Officer

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