Let’s Keep This Trend Going

Read original article: Manufacturing making a comeback, report says

It’s nice to know when you’re being heard.

This report and the prospects that lay ahead are encouraging. It’s good to hear that Americans are taking care of themselves. But, there is still a lot of work to be done.

We need to close the skills gap completely. Let’s get those 14 bills passed. Just yesterday I was talking with legislators from both sides of the aisle and we concurred that education and training in the high schools and the local colleges were a key to unlocking the promise that is small business manufacturing. There is some comfort in other officials backing our sentiments.

And while I commend Caterpillar, GE and Ford for reshoring, I just hope they don’t make the same mistake again. They should never have left our workforce behind in the first place. Even though the Chamber of Commerce’s statewide visits are officially over, keep on coming down to my plant. Keep on seeing the faces in my factory. The guys and girls who keep America running make me proud every single day.

I will say I’m encouraged, though. We’re not out of the woods yet, but all hope is not lost, either.

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