Let’s Invest in Something Rural Minnesota Needs: Qualified Labor

I read an article in Twin Cities Business about Minnesota’s economy and how businesses are struggling to find talented employees.

The state of Minnesota will spend $165 million on economic development in fiscal year2014 and 2015. Almost $98 million will go to business and community development and $42 million will go to vocational rehabilitation. The latter is code for workforce training. I’m suspect on the vocational rehabilitation because I believe most of the money is lost on administrative and office costs across the state and very little of those dollars actually provides meaningful technical skill training for people.

If the government is going to invest in the economy, invest in something I need: qualified labor in rural Minnesota.

I have job openings but no good candidates to fill the positions. Applicants I do receive are not qualified, they have no skilled training!

I implore our leaders to focus on rural projects and rural workforce development and make sure that the dollars are invested in hands-on training. Don’t allow the dollars to be lost on bureaucracy.

And make sure those that are showing up are genuinely interested and want to apply and better themselves. We all do better when we all do better.

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