Good approach to using government funds

Read original article: Montevideo firm adding second factory to build ice-fishing castles

American Surplus and Manufacturing’s ice castles aren’t the only fairytale aspect to their story. So is the recent state loan that is actually well deserved and immediately being put to great use.

American Surplus plans to hire 20 workers for its new Pine River plant. The $107,500 that the Company received from the state allows for a new space and increased production.

The business was started in the Montevideo location in 1993, but has now reached a point where production demands have outgrown the factory there. Besides finding a niche market and building a successful small business (they reached $23 million in sales last year), what is commendable about the Company is their responsible use of government funds.

They earned business in MN, and they’re keeping it here. They’re not just shopping around for a municipality that will give them the most tax incentive. They’re even putting up $975,000 of American Surplus’s own money to make their growth a reality.

This is a good approach for deciding who really deservers taxpayer money. Simply ask, what have they done for us lately? In this case, the answer is a lot.

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