Okay, this one I can’t believe. For all the trouncing the wealthy do on the “nanny state” that is our welfare system – what about the corporate welfare system? Not only does the NFL and its owners accept copious amounts of taxpayer dollars to fund their stadiums they want to reach in government coffers to subsidize their billion-dollar championship games!

The NFL is trying to layer on additional public subsidies beyond what they already get for the new shrines to football. Their efforts seek to find the most lucrative venue for the Super Bowl by pitting state governments against one another in a bidding war to attract the world’s largest single sporting event. See article here.

“State leaders must weigh it all against the political consequences of handing out tax breaks to the National Football League and potentially some of the nation’s most highly paid athletes.” No kidding. The only sense in this article is from Republican Sen. David Osmek from Mound, Minnesota: Osmek said the NFL gins up the competition and then works community leaders into a frenzy over who can offer more.

We’ve seen this before. When are we going to get it right and start investing in small and medium-sized businesses and stop subsidizing the largest of corporations? We need the right infrastructure in rural Minnesota so small and medium-sized businesses can thrive. We are the backbone!

What we don’t need is subsidizing multibillion-dollar sports entertainment. I think the professional athletes and their mothership NFL organization can take care of themselves and pay their fair share of taxes.

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