A Minnesota Company Independently Doing It Right

A Minnesota Company Independently Doing It Right


More companies need to use independent funds to grow, like Stratasys is doing. http://www.stratasys.com/

Stratasys’ merger with Objet, an Israeli company, earlier this year did not stem from threats. They did not participate in the dysfunctional economic development system that is big government handouts. The Company’s growth had nothing to do with local municipality, tax breaks or government incentives.

Rather, Stratasys used private funding and smart business strategy to add 126 jobs. When they merged they wisely built-in measures to ensure that their Eden Prairie location continued to prosper.

I liked their product so much I bought one myself. See http://www.minimizer.com/stratasys.html

The Company is also using its own resources to acquire MakerBot, an entry-level 3-D printer maker, for revenue and employment expansion. Stratasys seeks out opportunities and seizes them. They don’t wait around for a government handout.

Further proof that Stratasys’ independent, innovative strategies keep the Company growing is their recently announced plan with UPS. This proposal does exactly the opposite of government funding. It drives money into the local economy and spurs employment. It adds to our country’s bottom line, not subtracts.

This is how to grow a company without taxpayer subsidies!

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