A Big Manipulation Is A Big Mistake

Read original article: Missouri’s Boeing incentive package designed to get plant built quickly

Once again, government and big business team up to stomp on the little guys. This time the destructive duo is Missouri state and aerospace giant Boeing.

Missouri lawmakers created the Missouri Works tax credit program in the spring of 2013. One of its founding principles was to give state economic development officials more flexibility to offer tax credits to smaller companies.

Now, just six months after its initial conception, and only three months after its launch, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon wants to twist that founding principle of the program. Nixon wants it all to go to Boeing.

This type of program manipulation is exactly the kind of bureaucratic bulldozing of small business that needs to be stopped. What about the “massive menu of job creation incentives” that was a catalyst for the tax credit program in the first place? Has the “menu” been whittled down to only construction jobs? Didn’t just about every industry suffer from the recession?

Nixon, and other lawmakers in states like Washington, California and Texas (who are also vying for the Boeing plant) should be ashamed. Why aren’t they concerned about offering tax breaks to smaller companies? Then they would meet their objective to bolster job creation incentives.

Government, for once, stay the course. You have a program designed to help those who will help diversify the economic landscape of this country. Don’t manipulate it. That’s a big mistake.

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